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"You should always try and be a gentleman, just be very delicate with your words. But also if you don’t think you’re going to see them again, don’t let them take a shirt and shorts. Because you’ll not get that sh*t back"   Miles Teller for GQ August Issue

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Hey all you precious cupcakes!

The Bug (my daughter) and I decided to start a YouTube channel and this is our first video!!

The channel is going to be filled with toy hunts, hauls, doll reviews, unboxings and so much more. We would love for you to check out our first video and if you have a YT account and want to give us a thumbs up and/or subscribe that would be awesome!

Also, we’re on Twitter @thosegeekygirls so come check us out there too!




jennifer and colin at the ouat premiere after party [x]

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Chris Pratt for Esquire (USA - September 2014)

Killian Jones + Disney’s Captain Hook parallels (part 1)

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Everyone has that one blog where the person ships all of your ships, has the same sense of humor as you and just seems like they could be your Tumblr besty but they aren’t because they don’t follow you back :(

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this accurately describes my life.

Storybrooke has frozen over.

(More posters here.)

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