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Dean Winchester. 99% Kid, 1% Adult.

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Ben Affleck photographed by Mark Seliger for Details Magazine

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I’m not sure if you guys know but The 100 has been pre nominated for a People’s Choice Award (Favourite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV SHOW).Now I think that’s pretty cool since we’re not the hugest fandom out there and we’ve only had a one season and it wasn’t even a full one.

So please go V O T E for The 100 right here

It’d be amazing if we could get into the final nominations and voting wont take that long!

Also please reblog this as a signal boost so that the other The 100 fans that don’t know about this yet can go vote!

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Here, have a close up. *throws confetti* Here, have two. *throws more confetti*

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Eliza Taylor for Regard Magazine, October 2014

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“For me, it feels like it would be a really cool thing to happen. As a fan of television in general and the way that things progress, it seems like a natural progression. They’re so different, but together they’re amazing. I wouldn’t be mad if they got together but the thing about our show is it doesn’t focus on the romance. It really focuses on survival. Whether or not they can factor a little bit of romance in there, I don’t know." Eliza Taylor on Bellamy and Clarke getting together; she’s so on board for that (via mercuryslunacies)
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Should things go well, and she wants me to   h o l d   h e r

                        I want to use   b o t h   h a n d s

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enchanted forest vs. storybrooke wardrobe

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